Scottish Conservatives issue call for candidates from all communities

2 Oct 2018

The Scottish Conservatives are launching an autumn appeal for candidates from all backgrounds and communities for the next Scottish Parliamentary elections in 2021.

Ruth Davidson, leader of the Scottish Conservatives, said the party wanted to reach out to new talent, including those who had not previously pursued a career in politics, to join her team and take on the SNP at the next election.

The party particularly wants to recruit more women and more candidates from BME backgrounds into winnable seats.

Ruth states today that the Scottish Conservatives can only meet their ambition of “giving a real voice to communities across Scotland” by electing “candidates embedded in those communities.”

This appeal follows a speech by Baroness Nosheena Mobarik at the weekend, who said the Scottish Conservatives need to reach out to voters from minority ethnic backgrounds.

The campaign is launched with a video of three newly elected Scottish Conservative representatives, Annie Wells MSP, Kirstene Hair MP and Douglas Ross MP, calling on supporters to follow their path.

Launching the appeal today, Ruth said:

“To meet our ambition of giving a real voice to communities across Scotland, we need to elect candidates embedded in those communities.

“People who understand local issues and problems because they live them daily; people with real life experience and skills.

“The Scottish Conservatives are now the only party that can take on Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP, and we’re starting to gear up for the next elections to the Scottish Parliament. So today I’m making an appeal to everyone who shares my belief that Scotland deserves better than the hand we’re being dealt by the SNP.

“If you share my belief in Scotland’s place in our United Kingdom and want to help make our country a better place, then apply to stand as one of my team of candidates for the next Scottish Parliament elections.

“It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been involved with the Scottish Conservatives before, or never taken part in an election campaign – if you’ve got what it takes to be a Member of Parliament and a commitment to changing Scotland for the better, then I want to hear from you.”

In the video, Annie Wells MSP says; “I didn’t think politics was for me but, you know what, it is for me and it could be for you too.”

Douglas Ross MP says; “I became a Scottish Conservative candidate really by chance. If anyone is considering being a candidate, or wants more information I would say, don’t hesitate.”

Kirstene Hair MP says: “I never thought I would be a candidate. Join myself and my colleagues, as part of Ruth’s team, here, in Scotland.”

Baroness Mobarik said; “For all our continuing success, we cannot claim to be a party for all of Scotland if our membership doesn’t reflect the communities we serve.”