Scotland’s block grant going up in real and cash terms

30 Oct 2018

New analysis has revealed that Scotland’s block grant from Westminster is going up – both in cash and real terms.

The figures show increases in both measures, despite the SNP claiming that the UK Government is cutting cash to Scotland.

Now it can be shown, between this year and next, that the block grant will rise by £866 million in cash terms (2.84 per cent) and £381 million in real terms (1.25 per cent).

That means any potential for cuts has been wiped out, and the SNP actually has more to spend when it delivers its own budget in coming weeks.

Shadow finance secretary Murdo Fraser said the SNP government must now apologise for claiming Scotland’s budget had reduced, and admit it now has more cash at its disposal thanks to the UK Government.

And he urged finance secretary Derek Mackay not to squander the extra spending when he delivers his own budget in coming weeks.

Scottish Conservative shadow finance secretary Murdo Fraser said:

“This is the proof that, contrary to what the SNP has been saying, Scotland’s block grant from the UK Government is rising.

“The cash the nationalists now have to spend on services here is up considerably both in real terms and cash terms.

“Derek Mackay can’t play any more tricks. The numbers are there in black and white, and now he has to act.

“He should apologise for claiming he has less money when it can be clearly shown that’s not the case, and admit this has been a great budget for Scotland.

“This demolishes the case for any further SNP tax rises, and means there is no hiding place for the nationalists when they set out their own plans later this year.”