Scottish Conservatives hold first meeting of group aiming to make politics more accessible

26 Jul 2018

Jeremy Balfour MSP

The Scottish Conservatives have today held the first meeting of their disability group, which aims to get more disabled people involved in politics.

The Scottish Conservative Disability Group is chaired by Jeremy Balfour MSP, and was formed as part of the party’s commitment to making politics more accessible.

It follows the Scottish Conservatives support of Inclusion Scotland’s ‘Access to Politics Charter’, which involves supporting disabled people’s participation in every aspect of the party’s activities.

The members of the group include Scottish Conservative politicians from around the country who are disabled and want to see progress in this area.

Scottish Conservative MSP for the Lothians Jeremy Balfour MSP said:

“I am delighted to be able to chair the first meeting of the Scottish Conservative Disability Group.

“Disabled people make up one in five of the population, so it is important that we do all we can to help them get involved in politics.

“For us, that means giving disabled members of the Scottish Conservatives a forum to give their views so we can better support and encourage them to take a more prominent role.

“The group will also be a platform to ensure the views of disabled people are considered when party policy is being developed.

“Over the coming months we look forward to taking more steps to help make politics more accessible.”