Growth Commission report pulled apart by These Islands analysis

23 Jul 2018


A major new analysis of the SNP’s Growth Commission report has questioned the economic foundations of an independent Scotland.

The “These Islands” analysis, authored by economist Kevin Hague, challenges the Growth Commission’s future economic projections calling them unrealistic and based on misleading analysis.

Far from being a sober analysis of the challenges an independent Scotland would face, as previously claimed, the Growth Commission is actually more optimistic than the widely panned 2014 White Paper.

Shadow finance secretary Murdo Fraser said Kevin Hague’s devastating report was the latest indictment of the SNP’s pie and the sky thinking when it comes to independence and has called on the first minister to be open and honest with the people of Scotland.

The peer reviewed analysis also details the full extent of austerity in an independent Scotland with public finances facing cuts of up to 12%.

Scottish Conservative shadow finance secretary Murdo Fraser MSP said:

“This thorough and sober analysis of Nicola Sturgeon’s latest independence blueprint is damning.”

“Far from laying out a realistic prospectus on Scottish independence, it shows that the SNP is now making even wilder claims about secession than Alex Salmond did prior to the referendum. That’s quite an achievement.”

“Quite simply, they are making it up as they go along.”

“It’s time people like Nicola Sturgeon and Andrew Wilson were honest for once. As everyone apart from the SNP acknowledges, independence would mean cuts on a scale never seen in Scotland – damaging every hospital, school and public service in the country.”

“It’s therefore all the more important that we oppose a second referendum on independence – and stop the SNP’s attempt to wreck Scotland with yet more constitutional division.”