New SNP Depute Leader backs Indyref2 in as little as 12 months

8 Jun 2018


The new Depute Leader of the SNP has been confirmed as Keith Brown MSP.

The Scottish Conservatives have stated this is just another SNP chief who supports IndyRef2.

Mr Brown won the contest in a resounding endorsement of his view to put the SNP on a war footing, ready for another referendum in the next year or two.

Launching his depute leadership bid, he said: ‘We have to be ready – ready to fight any election and win any referendum, we have to be action-ready now.’

Mr Brown, currently the Cabinet Secretary for the Economy, beat fellow nationalists Julie Hepburn and Chris McEleny to become the new SNP Depute Leader.

Scottish Conservative MSP Annie Wells said:

“I’d like to congratulate Keith Brown on his new appointment.

“It’s quite clear that the new Depute Leader of the SNP endorses Sturgeon’s constitutional obsession and will continue the campaign for a second referendum.

“With the party divided over Sturgeon’s latest plan for Independence the new Depute Leader has an unenviable job on his hands.

“It is clearer and clearer that the majority of Scots do not want another divisive referendum.

“The majority of scots want the SNP to stop the constitutional obsession, get back to the day job and fix the health and education systems they have run into the ground.”