Scottish Labour and Lib Dems must clarify Brexit bill stance

3 May 2018


The Scottish Conservatives have called on Scottish Labour and the Scottish Liberal Democrats to clarify their stance on the Brexit bill.

This comes after senior members of their parties in the House of Lords backed the UK Government’s position.

Scottish Conservative constitution spokesman, Adam Tomkins said:

“It is good to see committed supporters of devolution in the House of Lords offer their support to the compromise that the UK Government has proposed here.”

“Labour and Lib Dem peers have backed the UK Government’s fresh plan – because it does now respect devolution.”

“Richard Leonard and Willie Rennie now need to make their positions clear on this, so we know where they stand.”

“As for the SNP, it is time to drop the political games and accept a deal that both supports our own UK internal market and hands huge new powers to the Scottish Parliament.”