Scottish and UK wage-gap to cost Scottish workers £4,500

11 May 2018


Scottish workers can expect to earn almost £4,500 less than their UK counterparts over the next five years.

The current gap between Scottish and UK average full-time earnings is £404 but research compiled by the Scottish Conservatives shows that, by 2022, the wage difference will continue to grow to £764 annually.

The lower projections for Scottish wage growth mean that the gap between the average full-time wage north and south of the border will grow by £360 over the next five years, at a total cost to the Scottish worker of approximately £4,500.

The figures have been compiled using the latest OBR and SFC projections. These figures do not even take into account the impact of the Nat Taxes, which will further reduce the average Scottish workers take-home pay.

The independent Scottish Fiscal Commission have noted that Scotland’s slower wage growth is ‘because of slower growth in productivity than in the UK’. In February, the Scottish Conservatives revealed that productivity in Scotland is at the lowest level in eight years.

Commenting on the figures, Scottish Conservative shadow economy secretary Dean Lockhart said:

“These figures demonstrate the very real effects of the failed economic policies of the SNP on hard-working Scots.

“With the added penalty of the Nat Taxes, there is now a punishing cost to be paid for living in Scotland.

“The SNP has failed to support Scottish families and failed to revitalise the economy.

“The SNP has only succeeded in increasing the cost of living, and decreasing the pay packets of ordinary working Scots.

“It is a scandal that Scottish workers who are working hard and paying taxes have been so abandoned by the SNP.”