Call for ‘complete transparency’ over baby box safety fears

3 May 2018

Miles Choice Landscape

The SNP should publish all documents relating to the safety and certification of baby boxes following fears over a fire risk with the products.

It was revealed yesterday that experts had raised significant concerns in relation to the SNP’s flagship giveaway.

Tens of thousands of boxes have already been given out across the country, even though no officially recognised safety standards had been drawn up.

Shadow health secretary Miles Briggs has demanded “complete transparency” from ministers over advice received about the safety of baby boxes.

Scottish Conservative shadow health secretary Miles Briggs said:

“The information that has emerged over the last 24 hours is deeply concerning.

“The SNP used photocall after photocall to tell parents these boxes were safe.

“Only now we are learning of the safety concerns raised in private by their own advisers.

“The SNP has used every opportunity to talk up the baby box policy and attack anyone who asked questions about their use.

“We now must see complete transparency from Nicola Sturgeon and her ministers.

“All official documentation relating to the safety and the certification of baby boxes must be published immediately.

“Only that way can parents have faith in this SNP government’s plans.

“This is not a public relations exercise – it is about child safety.”