Ruth Davidson and Michael Gove back a fair deal on fishing

11 Mar 2018

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson and Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affiars Michael Gove have today released a joint statement backing a fair deal for Britain’s fishing communities.

It comes after fishing leaders last week criticisied EU draft guidelines last week on access to UK waters.

Please see the full text below.

“In the referendum campaign in 2016, we were on opposing sides. However, now that the vote has happened and Britain has decided to leave the EU, we are united in our determination to ensure Brexit delivers for Britain’s fishing communities.

“We believe it is vital that we regain control over our own fisheries management. We want to use the opportunity of Brexit to secure a sustainable marine environment for the next generation.

“As proud Scots, we feel a particular debt to fishing communities who are looking to government to deliver a better deal for them. We agree we must deliver a fairer allocation for the British fleet in our own waters.

“As we leave the EU, we want the UK to become an independent coastal state, negotiating access annually with our neighbours. And during the implementation period we will ensure that British fishermen’s interests are properly safeguarded.

“The Prime Minister has been clear: Britain will leave the CFP as of March 2019. We both support her wholeheartedly.

“Whatever differences we had on Brexit, we both agree that our fishing industry stands to benefit from our departure from the Common Fisheries Policy. We are both committed to doing all we can to make those benefits real.”