Sturgeon pledges to stick with ‘broken’ named person plans

7 Dec 2017

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson MSP speaking during First Minister's Questions held in the Scottish parliament, Edinburgh today. 09 June 2016. Pic - Andrew Cowan/Scottish Parliament

Nicola Sturgeon will plough ahead with her hated named person plans, despite the policy being “in tatters”.

The First Minister was challenged on the issue today by Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson, who said the parliament had now joined parents across the country in losing patience with the scheme.

Yesterday, Holyrood’s Education Committee said it wasn’t able to scrutinise the legislation because of a lack of detail from the Scottish Government.

It means the plans could be delayed until late next year, having already been deemed unlawful by the Supreme Court.

Despite that, at First Minister’s Questions, Ms Sturgeon said she would “proceed with the plans because they are in the best interests of children”.

She even defended her government’s approach of seeking out witnesses who were due to appear at the Education Committee in advance of them giving evidence on named person.

Despite concerns that the Scottish Government was trying to influence these groups, she said it was “the sensible way” to do business.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said:

“The SNP’s named person plans are in tatters.

“Everyone wants protection for vulnerable children but this is not the way to do it.

“It’s now clear that parliament has joined the public in no longer having confidence in these plans.

“We should focus resource on those who actually need it, rather than having blanket interference for every family in Scotland.

“The Scottish Conservatives are willing to get round the table and find a fresh solution to help and protect vulnerable youngsters.

“But first the SNP needs to ditch this broken plan, which has been ruled unlawful, and is hated by parents the length and breadth of the country.”

It was revealed yesterday that the named person plan has been delayed again after Education Committee involvement:

It’s been reported that the Scottish Government met organisations due to give evidence on named person ahead of their committee appearance: