Ruth welcomes Brexit deal progress

8 Dec 2017


Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has welcomed a breakthrough in negotiations between Britain and the EU on the Brexit deal.

She said the announcement was “a real step forward”, and that the agreement “ensures the integrity of the UK”.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said:

“This morning’s announcement is a real step forward.

“It confirms the rights of EU citizens living here will be protected, as well as those of Brits living abroad.

“It guarantees there will be no hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. These are both hugely welcome steps and I congratulate the Prime Minister on securing them.

“Throughout this process, my overriding priority has been to ensure we act as one United Kingdom and no home nation is left behind.

“I am therefore glad that this morning’s agreement ensures the integrity of the UK.

“The work on a comprehensive trade agreement with the EU27 can now begin.

“This will require more hard work and patience. But I am optimistic that Britain and Europe can together build a new relationship, underpinned by the ties of trade, shared values and mutual interest.

“It is in all our interests.”