Sturgeon still refuses to admit citizen’s income is unworkable

20 Oct 2017


Nicola Sturgeon has once again stated that she will push ahead with trials of a citizen’s income, despite having been told that the plan is unfeasible.

Speaking in Glasgow today Sturgeon said, “We are also going to work with interested local authorities to fund research into the feasibility of a citizen’s basic income scheme.”

While she admitted that “it might turn out not to be feasible”, a civil service briefing handed to her in March already stated that the policy was a non-starter, and would cost taxpayers £12.3 billion a year.

The Scottish Conservatives have said that it shows just how far the First Minister is willing to go in order to keep the left flank of the independence movement on side.

Scottish Conservative shadow social security secretary Adam Tomkins MSP said:

“Nicola Sturgeon has already been told unequivocally that the idea of a citizen’s income is a non-starter.

“Her civil servants stated to her that the idea it is totally unaffordable and unsustainable, yet she is continuing to press ahead with this trial despite knowing better.

“It simply shows the lengths that this First Minister will go to appease the extreme left of the pro-independence movement.

“Rather than pursue futile projects such as this she should be using government resources on schemes that actually stand a chance of improving the lives of Scots.”