Sturgeon fails to apologise for election failings as she again threatens indyref2

10 Oct 2017

Maurice Golden

Nicola Sturgeon has failed to say sorry to SNP delegates for recent election failings which cost the party its Holyrood majority and slashed the number of MPs.

Instead, the First Minister used her keynote conference speech today to issue “jam tomorrow” style promises and yet again threaten another independence referendum.

She told the event in Glasgow the need to break up Britain has “never been greater”, adding: “We will make the case for independence always.”

Prior to her appearance, deputy leader Angus Robertson reaffirmed to the crowd that there would be another referendum.

The content has been criticised by the Scottish Conservatives, who said delegates would have been left disappointed at the absence of contrition for SNP performance in the 2016 and 2017 elections.

Scottish Conservative chief whip Maurice Golden said:

“The one word missing from this speech was sorry.

“For the last year, Nicola Sturgeon put her reckless plan for a second referendum before her day job.

“But instead of apologising, the First Minister once again showed that the SNP simply doesn’t do humility.

“Despite all the broken promises over the last ten years in power, she made it clear in this speech that she thinks she can book in for another decade based on promises of yet more jam tomorrow.

“And despite people making it clear they want a break, the First Minister also made clear that her Scottish Government will continue to bang on and on about the only thing it really cares about – which is splitting our country in two.

“This was a speech that demonstrated the SNP simply doesn’t get it. Lacking in humility and failing to listen to people – it’s the same old SNP.”

On Angus Robertson’s comments on another referendum, he added:

“It’s quite clear that the SNP is at sixes and sevens over its reckless plan for a second independence referendum.

“Angus Robertson appears to want to go full steam ahead while Nicola sturgeon doesn’t seem to have a clue.

“The only thing they can agree on is that they intend to bang on and on about it despite people saying they want a break.”