SNP’s health record: Fewer GP practices, larger patient lists, longer waiting times

27 Oct 2017

Figures referenced by the recent Audit Scotland report show that the Scottish Government has presided over a six per cent fall in GP Practices and a 12 per cent increase in practice lists over the last decade.

The figures come on the back of statistics showing that thousands of GPs have left the country to work abroad since 2008.

In addition, a BMA Survey of GPs in December 2016 found that 70 per cent felt they experienced significant work-related stress and 15 per cent felt their stress was unmanageable.

More than half reported their workload had a negative impact on their commitment to their job.

Scottish Conservative shadow health secretary Miles Briggs said:

“These figures demonstrate the total failure on health by the Scottish Government but tragically signal further disaster for primary care, the fundamental building block of our health service.

“The simple fact is that if our GPs continue to be driven away from Scotland’s health service practice lists will continue to grow and patients will have to wait longer for essential treatment.

“It is no surprise the public health isn’t improving and waiting time targets are being missed.

“Once again I call on the Scottish Government to prioritise primary care and commit 11 per cent of all NHS spending directly to GP Practices.

“Our ‘Save our Surgeries’ campaign has highlighted all these issues and will continue to promote solutions to help support our GPs.”