Sturgeon ‘up to her old tricks’ with devolution speech

11 Sep 2017

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The First Minister has been accused of scaremongering following remarks made in what was supposed to be a speech celebrating 20 years of devolution.

Nicola Sturgeon said Holyrood was at risk from a “power grab” by the UK Government in the wake of Brexit, even though Westminster has consistently said the parliament won’t be diminished.

As part of the speech, she said: “On the very day we should be celebrating devolution, we are being called upon to defend it.”

Her comments have been blasted by the Scottish Conservatives, who said the SNP cannot preach about “consensus” while threatening another referendum to break up Britain.

Just last week, the First Minister appeared happy to put the constitution to one side as she unveiled her Programme for Government.

But less than seven days on, the SNP’s constitutional agenda has once again become clear.

Scottish Conservative MP Paul Masterton said:

“This is shameless scaremongering from Nicola Sturgeon, who seems to be up to her old constitutional tricks again.

“People in Scotland are sick to death of the First Minister using Brexit to manufacture more grievance.

“She cannot preach to others about consensus while she refuses to take the threat of another referendum off the table.

“The UK Government has made it perfectly clear, on numerous occasions, that the powers of the Scottish Parliament will not be diminished through this process.

“In fact, the opposite will be the case.

“It’s less than a week since Nicola Sturgeon appeared before the Scottish Parliament promising to get back to the day job.

“But already she’s back to what she and the SNP do best – stoking up manufactured trouble with the constitution.”