SNP misses five out of six stroke targets

11 Jul 2017


The Scottish Conservatives have urged for a greater emphasis on improving the quality of care for stroke patients across Scotland.

The calls follow a report released by ISD Scotland that revealed, despite slow improvements, much more needs to be done.

Stroke is the third most common death in Scotland and a leading cause of severe physical disability among Scottish adults – with over 9,000 stroke patients discharged from Scottish hospitals in 2016.

Revealed in the report were figures that showed only 45 per cent of patients are able to receive vital carotid endarterectomy treatment within two weeks of having a stroke.

All but one of the recorded statistics failed to reach the Scottish Stroke Care Standard requirements, some figures missing the requirement by over 40 per cent.

Scottish Conservative shadow health secretary Miles Briggs said:

“Although this reports indicates a slow improvement in stroke care in Scotland, the fact that only one out of six standards is being met is a genuine cause for concern.

“It’s shocking only 55 per cent of stroke patients are receiving vital thrombolysis drugs within an hour of arriving in hospital, and only 45 per cent are receiving carotid endarterectomy to unblock arteries within two weeks.

“Fast treatment is the best way to ensure patients make as full a recovery as possible, and these delays could be causing long-term damage.

“In 2015, it was revealed that every 45 minutes someone in Scotland will have a stroke. The SNP owes it to patients to provide them with better support.”