Sturgeon secretly plans to put indyref2 back on the table

14 Jun 2017


The SNP is secretly planning to relaunch a drive for a second independence referendum, despite voters rejecting plans at the General Election last week.

It was reported this morning that First Minister Nicola Sturgeon met with key advisers to discuss the best way of putting separation back on the table.

The Scottish Conservatives have criticised the move, saying it’s time the Scottish Government focused on the day job.

Yesterday, all 13 Scottish Conservative MPs issued a joint statement urging Nicola Sturgeon to “face reality” on a referendum re-run.

Scottish Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser said:

“Nicola Sturgeon has lost the plot.

“Fewer than 40 per cent of voters last week supported the SNP’s reckless plan for a second referendum.

“Yet now we learn she is secretly planning to put it back on the table.

“The First Minister only wants to listen to those in her own party on this issue, and she’s turning a tin ear to everyone outside the SNP who just want a break from her political games.

“Her panicked attempt to refute these plans will fool no-one.

“The truth is that this is a First Minister who has given up representing Scotland and is now focused solely on her discredited and unwanted plan to drag us back to a second referendum.

“Whatever challenges are thrown up by Brexit, none are solved by tearing our own union in two.

“Nicola Sturgeon must focus on schools and our NHS and take her threat of a second referendum off the table now.

“A failure to do so will see what little credibility she has left draining away entirely.”

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Yesterday, Scottish Conservative MPs issued a joint statement urging Nicola Sturgeon to “face reality” on indyref2: