Ruth: UK is Scotland’s “essential” market

9 May 2017


The Scottish Conservatives will today highlight the “essential” importance of the UK internal market to Scottish jobs, as they turn up the pressure on the SNP to drop a second independence referendum.

Ruth Davidson will visit a shortbread factory in Edinburgh to emphasise how unrestricted trade around the United Kingdom sustains Scottish employment.

If comes after a report by the Fraser of Allander Institute last month found that more than half a million Scottish jobs depend on trade with the rest of the UK.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson will say:

“Scottish firms, large and small, are clear – breaking up the UK internal market would cause huge damage to their ability to provide job opportunities.

“Yet such is the SNP’s obsession with independence, they are willing to put those jobs at risk.

“We solve none of the challenges thrown up by Brexit by fracturing our own Union of nations.

“The UK is Scotland’s essential Union – and the SNP must now drop its threat of a second referendum so we can all move forward, together.”

Anthony Laing, Managing Director of Shortbread House of Edinburgh said: 

“Like many Scottish businesses, our largest market is the rest of the UK.

“After years of uncertainty we now need to strengthen this relationship to protect jobs in Scotland, rather than putting them at risk by still chasing Scottish independence”.​


The Fraser of Allander institute reported last month that one in four Scottish jobs – 530,000 – are reliant on trade with the rest of the UK: