MP dossier reveals how the SNP’s ‘lion has snored’

31 May 2017


New analysis examining the performance of SNP MPs at Westminster shows “the lion hasn’t roared, it has snored”, the Scottish Conservatives have said.

The 31-page document reveals how much nationalist MPs have claimed in expenses since being elected in 2015, as well as the number of times they’ve voted, the foreign trips they’ve been on and the rate of constituency questions answered.

The study shows 33 of the 54 SNP MPs are ranked in the bottom half of all MPs for response rates to constituents.

They also totted up huge amounts in expenses, with Edinburgh South West MP Joanna Cherry the second most expensive MP in the UK.

And despite senior SNP figures criticising politicians have second jobs, 13 nationalists raked in thousands in additional payments.

As well as the analysis laid out in the document, three MPs were investigated by police last year, with two – Michelle Thomson and Natalie McGarry – having to resign the whip.

Scottish Conservative deputy leader Jackson Carlaw said:

“After the last General Election, dozens of SNP MPs trooped down to Westminster.

“We were promised a new style of politics, and Alex Salmond boasted that the ‘Scottish lion has roared’.

“But the conclusion from this document is clear – the lion hasn’t roared, it has snored.

“And if Scotland wants better, more constructive and thoughtful representation, there would be no better place to start than voting this lot out.”

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