Half a million Scots jobs reliant on rUK market – experts

20 Apr 2017

Murdo Fraser MSP

More than 500,000 Scottish jobs rely on barrier-free trade with the rest of Britain, experts have warned.

The respected Fraser of Allander Institute has produced analysis showing the jobs of 530,000 people north of the border are “supported by demand for our goods and services from the rest of the UK”.

It is the latest piece of analysis highlighting the importance of the wider UK market to Scotland’s economy.

Yet that’s the very market the SNP wants to jeopardise with its drive for separation, shadow finance secretary Murdo Fraser warned.

The Fraser of Allander report showed 528,707 jobs are supported by the rUK market, 177,553 by exports to the rest of the world, and a further 125,206 from European exports.

Scottish Conservative shadow finance secretary Murdo Fraser said:

“This is more in-depth analysis showing the importance of the UK market to Scotland’s economy.

“Hundreds of thousands of jobs rely on the fact there are no trade barriers between Scotland and the rest of Britain.

“Yet the SNP wants to destroy this arrangement with its reckless gamble, making life harder for businesses and workers.

“The Scottish Government cannot afford to ignore stark evidence like this, however inconvenient it is for its separation drive.”

To see the full Fraser of Allander report, visit: