Response to Nicola Sturgeon conference speech

18 Mar 2017


Please see a comment below in response to Nicola Sturgeon’s speech to the SNP conference in Aberdeen today.

Jackson Carlaw MSP, Scottish Conservative deputy leader, said:

“This is the week that Nicola Sturgeon gave up being First Minister and instead put her obsession with independence before the day job.

“This was a disappointing and negative speech. Nicola Sturgeon seems to be more interested in complaining about the UK government than talking up her own.

“The SNP spends so much time plotting games over separation, it now relies on other parties for policies – our plan calling for mental health workers in GP practices and A+Es was published barely three months ago.

“It is flattering that the SNP are catching up, but that does not mask the fact that the vast bulk of this speech was yet another rallying call for independence.

“We now have a part-time First Minister claiming to speak for Scotland, but in fact pursuing her own narrow agenda to the detriment and against the wishes of ordinary Scots.”