Bill on Frank’s Law to be brought forward if SNP drags heels

30 Jan 2017

The Scottish Conservatives have announced they will bring forward a bill on Frank’s Law if the SNP continues to drag its heels on the matter.

Public health spokesman Miles Briggs said it was essential the campaign – which would enable those under the age of 65 suffering from conditions like dementia to access free care – was made law.

And he said if the Scottish Government doesn’t take action, he will introduce a Private Member’s Bill at Holyrood, which is likely to win majority support.

Last week, leaders of all parties except the SNP united outside the Scottish Parliament to call for the law to be introduced.

Ruth Davidson, along with Kezia Dugdale, Patrick Harvie and Willie Rennie, were presented with party-themed campaign t-shirts by Amanda Kopel, the wife of former Dundee United player Frank, who the appeal is named after.

However, the yellow SNP t-shirt remained empty, as the party failed to send a single representative to the event.

But Mr Briggs said, now there’s a parliamentary majority in favour of Frank’s Law, he will act if the Scottish Government doesn’t.

Last month, the Scottish Conservatives revealed the number of under 65s being treated for dementia was increasing, another indication that the law had to be introduced.

Scottish Conservative public health spokesman Miles Briggs said:

“There is a majority in the Scottish Parliament in favour of Frank’s Law and ministers need to recognise this and implement it without further delay.

“Hopefully the Scottish Government will see sense and put this in place without me having to go through the parliamentary process of a Member’s Bill.

“But if it does not, I will bring forward such a bill and invite all MSPs to support it to get this put into legislation.

“When you talk to Amanda Kopel and other campaigners you find out there are a lot of people who really need Frank’s Law to happen.

“For so many families across Scotland, time is of the essence. As such, I will arrange a meeting with the Scottish Parliament’s Non-Government Bills Unit to start early work on a potential bill.”

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