Ruth comments on EU referendum result

24 Jun 2016


Speaking at the party headquarters in Edinburgh, she said:

Good afternoon

This morning I spoke to the Prime Minister and offered my thanks on behalf of the party in Scotland for his service to this country.

He has served Britain honourably for these last six years and I know he will discharge his duties these final few months with the same diligence and love of country that has marked his tenure.

I will speak to the First Minister this afternoon.

I am pleased they have both been in discussion already today, and that the Prime Minister has already made it clear that the devolved administrations will be fully involved in the negotiations that will now follow.

That is the right way forward. Such co-operation will be vital as we chart our way forward.

All of us, and both our governments, need to work together for the common good, and in the awareness that families and businesses today are fearful for the future, and need reassurance.

That requires a calm, measured response to the challenges we face – and a commitment to put our separate political priorities to one side to enable discussion and co-operation.

As everyone knows, last night’s decision was not the outcome I campaigned for in this referendum. It was not the result I sought and I am deeply saddened that this is where we are.

There can be no avoiding the fact eta-i.org/provigil.html that the days ahead will not be easy.

We are being tested.

But I still have no doubt that all of us – Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales – will come through this test as we have come through trials before.

To do that we need to work together – we need to come together.

Let me close by referring to the First Minister’s comments just now.

Like the First Minister I am disappointed with the result.

Like the First Minister I want to see stability prioritised in the days ahead. Scotland will open for business next week in the same way as it closes today.

But I do not believe that a second independence referendum will help us achieve that stability nor that it is in the best interests of the people of Scotland.

The 1. 6 million votes cast in this referendum in favour of remain, do not wipe away the 2 million votes that we cast less than two years ago.

And we do not address the challenges of leaving the European Union by leaving our own Union of nations, our biggest market and our closest friends.

I believe in Scotland’s place within the United Kingdom today as much as ever.

And I believe that – in or out of the European Union – the strength, security and durability of the United Kingdom will endure.