Scottish Conservatives will reverse £1m cuts to schools’ music tuition

4 Apr 2016

The Scottish Conservatives have promised to reverse damaging cuts to music tuition for young people, the party said today.

SNP plans to cut music tuition have been severely criticised by top performing arts institutions.

Professor Jeffery Sharkey from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland said the “short-term cost-cutting” approach would have long-term effects across the wider community.

And in March, a study by the Instrumental Music Teachers’ Network identified nine councils which are cutting budgets for music lessons by a total of £1 million. The network said one quarter of Scotland’s 32 local authorities were raising charges for music lessons.

But the Scottish Conservatives have promised to reverse the cuts – so every child has the chance to learn music.

Scottish Conservative young people spokeswoman Liz Smith said:

“Music is an extremely important part of any child’s education, not just for the obvious academic celexa reasons but because of the cultural and social benefits too. Scotland has led the way with so many valuable music initiatives including the work of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and the Big Noise Orchestra project – something that has successfully engaged pupils and their families from all backgrounds.

“We know just how upset many parents across Scotland have been because of the substantial cut backs in music tuition and, in some cases, rising fees. This is despite the best efforts of many local authorities to provide the necessary assistance. Now, however, with the SNP forcing such huge cuts to local authority budgets, several councils feel they can no longer provide this service.

“The Scottish Conservatives have pledged to reverse these cuts so that all young people in Scotland will be able to have free music tuition.”

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