Ruth to meet families opposed to named person plans

29 Mar 2016


Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson will meet with opponents of the controversial named person scheme today.

She will visit the families in Perthshire, as she begins a two-day tour of the north of Scotland.

Ruth will be joined by local candidate and the party’s young people spokeswoman Liz Smith, as they discuss the fears parents have over the SNP’s state guardian plans.

Under the legislation, every person in Scotland will have a named person assigned to them until they turn 18.

However, experts have warned this will dilute resources for those who need it most, while a survey at the weekend revealed the majority of people are opposed to the plan.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said:

“I’m meeting these parents to hear their concerns about this deeply unpopular scheme.

“I’ve no doubt the intentions behind the named person legislation were honourable, but the time has come for the SNP to accept it is wrong.

“Without a change in policy, the SNP is going to start imposing named persons on every child in the country from August.

“It’s not only an unacceptable intrusion into family life, but it spreads resource too thinly.

“As the police have warned, the extra bureaucracy could actually expose the most vulnerable to abuse for longer periods.

“That’s why this policy needs to be scrapped.

“The Scottish Conservatives are the only party who have consistently argued against named person legislation – and we will continue to do so.”