Ruth: Fiscal framework deal is ‘devolution delivered’

23 Feb 2016

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has welcomed the fiscal framework deal reached by the Scottish and UK Governments.

It has been announced that, after weeks of negotiation, an agreement has been struck on the transfer of substantial powers to Holyrood.

Ruth hailed the deal as “devolution delivered” and said it throws a “major challenge” to the SNP on how to use the new powers.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said:

“Today’s agreement delivers the stronger, more responsible Scottish Parliament that the people of Scotland were promised.

“It is devolution delivered.

“It delivers on exactly the kind of Scotland that most people want – not separated from our neighbours, but a Scotland with more power and control over its own affairs, still backed up by the strength and security of the United Kingdom.

“I am very proud of the role my party has played in making this vision a reality.

“It was the Scottish Conservatives who set out the plan for devolution – now it’s a Conservative government at Westminster which has acted on that.

“I congratulate both our governments for reaching this deal today.

“It has not been easy and compromises have been required by both sides, but today’s deal shows that our two governments can work together for the good of Scotland.

“In the longer term, it now throws a major challenge to the SNP.

“Grudge and grievance will no longer wash.

“On tax, on welfare, and on our public services, the buck stops with them.

“For my part, I stand ready to provide the strong, principled opposition to the SNP that is now required more than ever as these new powers come to Holyrood.

“We will protect family finances and we will demand that the SNP uses these powers to take Scotland forward – not back to yet another referendum.”