SNP pass the buck onto councils through devastating budget cuts

16 Dec 2015

Frontline local services are set to suffer after the Scottish Government passed the buck onto councils through devastating budget cuts.

As part of today’s budget the SNP have slashed funding for every one of Scotland’s 32 local authorities by £300m.

In 2015/16 the Scottish Government allocated 9.9 billion to local authorities but that figure has dropped significantly to just 9.6 billion in 2016/17.

Councils will now be forced to make their own tough decisions to protect frontline local services such as education, transport and health and social care – which are all set to be hit by the huge cuts.

The reduction in funding will also have an effect on jobs, economy and local communities across Scotland.

Scottish Conservative local authority spokesman Cameron Buchanan said:

“John Swinney has today issued a devastating £300m stealth cut to Scotland’s local communities.

“Faced with a choice between taking responsibility and passing the buck, the Finance Secretary has simply handed cuts to local government while protecting the SNP’s favourite election giveaways.

“Everything from schools, care homes and local roads are going to be hit by Mr Swinney’s axe to local councils.

“The situation certainly won’t be helped with the SNP announcing a council tax freeze for the ninth consecutive year.

“In one breath, the SNP complains about austerity from the UK Government. In the next, it then passes on huge cuts to local councils. It is classic SNP tactics: apportion blame, refuse to take responsibility and pass the buck onto someone else.”