List rankings announced for four Scottish regions

12 Dec 2015

The Scottish Conservatives have revealed the list rankings for four regions ahead of next year’s Holyrood elections.

Ballot papers were sent out to tens of thousands of party members and people who had demonstrated support for the Scottish Conservatives across Scotland.

It means the regional list rankings have been decided entirely by a public vote, making the Scottish Conservatives’ selection system the most democratic in the country.

Today, the outcome of ballots for Central, Lothian, South of Scotland and West of Scotland were announced.

The other four areas will be revealed tomorrow.

They are as follows:



  1. Margaret Mitchell MSP
  2. Graham Simpson
  3. Alison Harris
  4. Andrew Morrison
  5. Meghan Gallacher
  6. Callum Laidlaw
  7. Robyn Halbert
  8. Eric Holford
  9. Anthony Newman




  1. Ruth Davidson MSP
  2. Miles Briggs
  3. Gordon Lindhurst
  4. Iain McGill/Jeremy Balfour (tie)
  5. Nick Cook
  6. Iain Whyte
  7. Sandy Batho
  8. Charles Kennedy




  1. John Scott MSP
  2. Oliver Mundell
  3. Rachael Hamilton
  4. Finlay Carson
  5. Brian Whittle
  6. Michelle Ballantyne
  7. Alex Allison
  8. Lee Lyons




  1. Jackson Carlaw MSP
  2. Jamie Greene
  3. Maurice Golden
  4. Maurice Corry
  5. Andrew Polson
  6. David Wilson
  7. Paul Masterton
  8. Richard Appleton
  9. Graeme Brooks
  10. William McClure


Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said:

“This has been the most democratic system any of the parties have used to rank candidates for the regional list.

“We intend to make great progress in May, and the list vote is going to be vital for getting more Conservative MSPs into Holyrood.

“Now voters can see where their vote will be going if they back the Scottish Conservatives.

“We are the only real alternative to the SNP, and the only party serious about Scotland’s place at the heart of Britain.

“I’m delighted we have such a talented group of candidates on our various regional lists.”

Notes to editors:

Below are biographies of some of the new intake who feature on the regional list. For biographies of sitting MSPS contact the Scottish Conservative press office. For photographs of candidates contact the Scottish Conservative press office or visit:



Alison Harris – Self-employed chartered accountant who runs a small practice in Falkrik. She lives in the town with her husband and two children. Increased the Scottish Conservative vote as a candidate in May’s General election by 28.5 per cent.

“We all know that there are many more people who agree with our Conservative values and this election is our chance to take our message to the voters.”

Graham Simpson – Local councillor since 2007. A trained journalist, married with two teenage daughters. Has consistently increased share of the vote when standing in various central Scotland elections.

“I’ve been a councillor for eight years. I know my way around the system and I am used to getting things done for people.”


Miles Briggs – Currently works as an adviser to Scottish Conservative MSP Liz Smith. Graduate of Robert Gordon University in arts, politics and management. The 32-year-old’s hobbies include hillwalking, rugby and Scottish history.

“Let us never forget that the majority of Scots voted to stay part of our United Kingdom – with your support I will fight to make that voice heard in Holyrood.”

Gordon Lindhurst – An advocate practicing in Edinburgh, he is also chairman of the Scottish Conservatives’ Edinburgh Association. He speaks German, French and Latin, and has an interest in cabinet making and playing the piano.

“I believe that it is critical we ensure Scotland remains as part of a united and strong Britain, rather than giving in to the dangerous politics of fear and division.”


Finlay Carson – The 48-year-old was born and bred in the south west of Scotland. Farmed for 15 years before establishing an IT company specialising in rural affairs. Married with two children.

“My rural and business background over 30 years gives me an extensive insight into the needs, concerns, opportunities and challenges that we face in the south of Scotland.”

Rachael Hamilton – Part of a new cohort of Scottish Conservative activists, the businesswoman and netball coach lives in Melrose. Worked on the Better Together campaign in the south of Scotland.

“With my experience I can help Ruth Davidson and our party grow from its traditional base and win new votes and supporters by reaching out with a clear, fresh message that promises to heal the divisions sown by the SNP within Scotland and the UK.”

Oliver Mundell – 26-year-old graduate of law from Edinburgh University. Son of secretary of state for Scotland David Mundell.

“I have witnessed the immeasurable difference strong local representation makes to our communities. I have also experienced it for myself while leading the local referendum campaign on behalf of our party. That is also why I could not sit back and run the very real risk that SNP gains in this election could be used to justify a second referendum.”


Maurice Golden – Candidate for the Clydebank and Milngavie. Married with two children. Been involved with the Scottish Conservatives since 1997.

“I have extensive experience and a track record of maximising the Conservative vote by initiating new ways of engaging with the public.”

Jamie Greene – Originally from Greenock, helped increase 2015’s vote by 10 per cent in North Ayrshire and Arran. Aged 35. Ran several small companies before getting to director level of a large international organisation.

“I am not a typical Conservative – I grew up in Greenock in a Labour stronghold, my mother was a proud shop worker and cleaner. I worked hard to better myself. I have lived and worked all over the world and want to use my real-world experience in Scottish politics.”