Next to nobody backs Sturgeon’s financial plan for Scotland

2 Apr 2015

Almost no major employers back the SNP’s plan for full fiscal autonomy, it emerged at First Minister’s Questions today.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson challenged Nicola Sturgeon to say who, after Jim McColl gave his support to the policy, had also come out in support.

However, the First Minister was unable to name a single business in favour of full fiscal autonomy, and even Mr McColl conceded yesterday it could not be achieved without fiscal pain for Scotland.

Earlier this week, 100 business leaders who employ more than 500,000 people wrote to a national newspaper supporting the achievements of the Conservative-led government.

Ruth asked the First Minister why no firms had made similar moves to back the SNP, and why she would be so happy to prop up a Labour government in Westminster that was so clearly unpopular in the job-creating community.


Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said:


“The bottom line is this – job creators are telling us that Conservative policy says to the world Britain is open for business.

“That means 174,000 extra jobs for Scotland, 57,000 fewer jobseekers and 37,000 more businesses created.

“Scotland faces a clear choice – back to work with the Conservatives or back to economic chaos with Labour, this time with the SNP holding them to ransom.

“It’s no wonder job creators don’t support their plans.

“This double trouble pact between Labour and the SNP would be a disaster for Scotland and for the UK – Nicola Sturgeon has to explain why she thinks it would deliver anything positive at all.”


Notes to editors:


Earlier this week 100 business leaders wrote to the Daily Telegraph supporting the Conservative-led government’s action on the economy:



However, at today’s First Minister’s questions Nicola Sturgeon was unable to name any business leaders  – aside from Jim McColl – who supported full fiscal autonomy.


Below is a list of UK Government achievements in relation to Scotland:


Jobs (174,000)

ONS Regional Labour Market statistics

Feb-Apr 2010 employment was at 2,437,271

Nov-Jan 2015 employment was at 2,610,776


JSA Claimant Count (56,700)

ONS Regional Labour Market statistics

April 2015 claimant count was at 136,100

February 2015 claimant count was at 79,400


Businesses (37,600)

BIS Business Population Estimates

Start of 2010 – 285,000

Start of 2014 – 322,600