Liberal Democrat hypocrisy continues

22 Apr 2015

The Liberal Democrats are running their election campaign on double-standards, the Scottish Conservatives said, today.

LibDem leader Willie Rennie is quoted as openly criticising plans for English votes for English laws (EVEL) today.

However, in the UK Government paper on the issue, the Liberal Democrats section reads:

“It cannot be right that a future government could pursue policies in England in areas devolved to the Scottish Parliament using the votes of Scottish MPs, even if this was not supported in England.

“The so-called West Lothian question can no longer go unanswered. The Liberal Democrats believe that English MPs at Westminster should have a stronger voice and a stronger veto over purely English only issues.”

Only this week, the Liberal Democrats were accused of deliberately seeking to mislead voters as evidence emerged that the party was faking “switchers” in a panic bid to stem its expected wipe out in the coming election.

Scottish Conservative spokeswoman Liz Smith said:

“It’s quite astonishing to learn, that once again we find Willie Rennie being hypocritical.

“The Scottish Conservatives believe in a fair deal for all of the United Kingdom and we’re the party who is straight with people on that issue.

“The Liberal Democrats, as usual – are saying one thing to the people of Scotland and another to others. They simply cannot be trusted.

“It’s clear that an SNP deal with Labour poses the greatest threat to our United Kingdom.

“And the only way to save the potential break-up of Britain – is to vote Scottish Conservatives.”