SNP’s secret £450m NHS cuts revealed

16 Sep 2014

A radical cost-cutting exercise by the SNP in Scotland’s NHS has been revealed just days before the referendum.

The Yes campaign has attempted to make the health service a key element of its separation drive.

However, today it was revealed that secret plans – which would not have been announced until after September 18 – will bring up to £450 million of cuts over the next few years.

The whistleblower who revealed the document also pointed out that Scottish Government policies were to blame for the funding gap.

Scottish Conservative health spokesman Jackson Carlaw MSP said:

“That the SNP has suppressed its plans to cut £500 million from flomax Scotland’s NHS the day after the referendum is surely the greatest lie of this campaign.

“For weeks the Yes campaign has sought to scare vulnerable people into believing that only independence can save Scotland’s NHS.

“Now, thanks to a brave whistleblower, we know the truth.

“Vote Yes and see our NHS betrayed – vote No and secure an all-party commitment to guarantee NHS funding in the years to come.

“The SNP thought it could hijack the NHS in this campaign.

“It thought it could lie and no-one would find out – for this disgrace alone Yes Scotland deserves to lose the referendum.”




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