Salmond attacked on hypocrisy towards Conservatives

11 Sep 2014

Alex Salmond’s hypocrisy on the Conservatives has been attacked by the party’s former leader.

Annabel Goldie, who is now the Scottish Conservative constitution spokeswoman, pointed out the SNP relied heavily on the party’s support during its minority administration between 2007 and 2011.

Policies such as 1,000 extra police officers were only made possible because of Scottish Conservative support, while the First Minister also required the party’s backing when passing budgets.

However, the Yes campaign – led by Mr Salmond – is now attacking the Conservatives on a regular basis in an attempt to win votes ahead of the referendum.

Scottish Conservative constitution spokeswoman and former leader Annabel Goldie said:

“When his political fate depended on us, he didn’t think twice before seeking and taking our support.

“It is quite extraordinary that he’s now doing a complete volte-face and now proclaims that the Tories are the worst things on the earth.

“To hear him now dismissing the Conservatives as the pariah of politics, as the name that dare not be spoken, is to me just utterly incredible and utterly hypocritical.

“The bottom line is that when Alex Salmond needed the Tories he couldn’t get enough of our help.

“When he was in a minority and found it difficult to negotiate anything constructively with Labour, we were able to define areas of policy which appeared in both of our manifestos, where we had a joint approach.”