SNP candidate admits most voters don’t want separation

19 Jun 2013

Ross Thomson

The majority of voters in the Aberdeen Donside by-election do not want Scotland to separate from the rest of the UK, the SNP candidate has admitted.

Mark McDonald told STV last night that most people he spoke to did not want to break up Britain.

His admission comes as numerous key planks of SNP proposals for independence have been called into question, including currency, pensions and welfare.

Scottish Conservative candidate for the Aberdeen Donside by-election Ross Thomson said:

“This proves that, no matter how much the SNP bangs on about separation, voters in this election simply aren’t interested.

“They want to know what’s being done at local level, not about the SNP candidate’s desperation to please his masters in Edinburgh.

“It’s pretty telling that even the blinkered SNP admits people in Donside don’t want to break up Britain.

“It’s nothing like a priority for them – they want to see what the candidates have done and what they intend to do.

“That’s why I’ve been taking my positive message to the doorsteps and pointing to my track record of delivery for the council.”


Mark McDonald said on STV last night: “The majority of people say, if they were asked to vote today, they would vote no.”