Salmond forced into condemning abusive comments from his own parliamentarians

28 Mar 2013

Alex Salmond was today forced to warn parliamentarians in his own party to stop posting abusive anti-British comments online.

It came after Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson challenged the First Minister over a series of offensive tweets made by SNP elected members.

She pointed to comments made by former transport minister Stewart Stevenson on Tuesday, who linked job losses at a national newspaper with its failure to back separation.

In the same week, local Government minister Derek Mackay re-tweeted the wish to hit Prime Minister David Cameron in the face with a shovel.

Ruth asked the First Minister if he stood by his statement to Holyrood last week that the people of Scotland expect their parliamentarians to lead by example in the run-up to the referendum.

She went on to challenge him and his party to clean up their act and stop making abusive online comments.

Alex Salmond responded by claiming there would an end to such remarks from his party.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson MSP said:

“There has been no end to the abusive comments made by elected members of the SNP in their quest for independence.

“Let’s not forget this all stems from the very top, after the First Minister himself gave the green light to such offensive remarks after branding a BBC executive a ‘Nazi Official’.

“The people of Scotland rightly expect a higher level of debate over the most important decision facing them for 300 years.

“But, based on the evidence so far, Alex Salmond and the SNP have fallen woefully short.

“If such abusive comments are allowed to continue unchecked, the next 18 months will descend into little more than an anti-British hate campaign.”