Formerly robust food chain has lost consumers’ faith

19 Feb 2013

Alex Fergusson MSP

Consumers across Scotland are losing trust in the food chain, the Scottish Conservatives have warned.

Speaking after the Scottish Government’s statement on the horsemeat scandal, rural affairs spokesman Alex Fergusson said any legislation brought in would have to be tough enough to ensure the issue was never repeated.

Scottish Conservative rural affairs spokesman Alex Fergusson MSP said:

“There is no question of the fine quality of Scottish beef.

“But the problem is surely not whether the beef is Scottish, English, Irish or Welsh – when it leaves the farm it is 100 per cent beef.

“The problems come later on in the chain.

“Obviously the considerable reduction in testing and inspections is a matter of concern, but the real issue is the loss of trust consumers now have in what was supposed to be a robust food chain.

“The relentless driving down of the prices supermarkets pay to their suppliers inevitably leads to those suppliers trying almost anything in order to protect themselves.

“We need assurances that the legislation that will inevitably be introduced on the back of this fiasco is sufficient, and of a permanent nature.”



Alex Fergusson was speaking in the Scottish Parliament following a statement by the Scottish Government: