Concerns remain despite fishing deal

18 Jan 2013

A deal has been struck between the EU and Norway over fishing quotas, it was announced today.

However, concerns remain over whether or not countries outwith the agreement will stick to the proposals set out.

A catch limit for mackerel states EU countries and Norway would take 90.38 per cent of the share, but neither Iceland nor the Faroe Islands are bound by the negotiation.

Scottish Conservative MEP Struan Stevenson said:

“There are aspects of this agreement which are welcome, but many which are still to be ironed out.

“As it stands, there is nothing which will reassure Scottish fishermen that either Iceland or the Faroes will stick to their quota of mackerel.

“The EU has to get tough on this issue, and imposing sanctions is one way of doing this.

“Scottish fishermen have more than done their bit, and it will be particularly galling for them to look on as vessels from Iceland and the Faroes continue to plunder stocks with no regard for sustainability whatsoever.”


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