SNP election pledges not being felt in Scotland’s classrooms

11 Dec 2012

Liz Smith MSP

Average primary one to three class sizes across Scotland’s schools have increased, blowing apart SNP pledges to reduce them.

Figures released today have shown there has been a year-on-year rise, with the average size now 22.6 per class.

This is despite the Scottish Government pledging to have classes no larger than 18 for that age group.

Scottish Conservative education spokeswoman Liz Smith MSP said:

“The SNP came in with a bold promise to reduce class sizes in all P1 to P3 year groups, yet these figures show they are moving in the opposite direction.

“Every time the Scottish Government has been asked to explain the class size situation, it will only say very good progress is being made.

“But instead, the reverse is happening, and this is against a backdrop of pupil teacher ratios rising since 2007, and the lowest teacher numbers since the SNP came to power.

“The Scottish Government needs to explain why its key election pledges are so far removed from the reality of our classrooms.”



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