RMT strike threat ‘provocative’

27 Dec 2012

Alex Johnstone MSP

Rail signallers in the Stirling area could take part in two days of strike action – one on Hogmanay.

The consultation from the RMT union follows a dispute which has run since April.

Signallers – who currently work standard eight hour shifts, five days a week – want to move to 12-hour shifts, working fewer days.

This has been resisted by Network Rail, with the union now using industrial action on January 31 and January 5 to make their point.

Scottish Conservative transport spokesman Alex Johnstone MSP said:

“The http://healthsavy.com/product/ambien/ idea of signal workers doing 12-hour shifts quite worries me.

“When you have such a drastic change on the table, the way to do it is through delicate negotiation, not one side bludgeoning the other with threats like this.

“The RMT has to be more intelligent than simply going on strike.

“Strike action on Hogmanay – as it would have been on Christmas Eve – is more valuable to the RMT, and the timing of this is provocative and utterly inappropriate.”


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