More ambition needed within our schools

28 Dec 2012

Liz Smith MSP

A major survey on the state of the education system in Scotland has uncovered concerns that not enough pupils are being encouraged to reach their full potential.

The Commission on School Reform, set up by Reform Scotland and the Centre for Scottish Public Policy, has released a series of responses which will be used as part of its final report, due out in the New Year.

A summary of the results show that 61 per cent felt there was a lack of ambition within Scotland’s education system, while 59 per cent did not think young people had a big enough say in their education.

Scottish Conservative education spokeswoman Liz Smith MSP said:

“There is a very consistent message coming through the vast majority of current surveys of school education and that is that Scotland should be doing a lot better.

“The most striking feature of the latest Reform Scotland survey is the fact that two-thirds of the respondents – of whom, interestingly, a third were still at school- said that they did not believe there was sufficient ambition within our schools to set the highest standards.

“That does not reflect at all well on the Scottish Government which has had the opportunity for five years to turn things round.

“The educational expertise of Kier Bloomer’s highly respected team is significant, as is the fact that they represent a wide range of views across the political spectrum.

“The publication of their full report within the coming months will be extremely important.

“It is already very clear that the evidence they have taken will endorse the need for radical reform of the school system so that it is much more in tune with the demands of pupils and parents and the delivery of the highest standards both inside and outside the classroom.”



The Commission on School Reform was set up by the think tanks Reform Scotland and the Centre for Scottish Public Policy to consider whether the school system in Scotland is meeting the present and future needs of young people and to make specific recommendations as to how things might be improved or areas that require further enquiry.