SNP’s terrible performance on construction revealed

28 Nov 2012

Alex Johnstone MSP

The number of council houses in Scotland has reached a ten-year low, statistics released today have revealed.

This figure has been compounded by the fact the number of new starts on local authority homes plummeted by almost 50 per cent this year, with only 768 in the year up to September.

Over the same period last year, construction on 1,449 began.

Social housing overall is suffering, with housing association completions falling by 18 per cent.

The Scottish Government failure to get the sector moving has had a brutal impact on construction, and comes despite repeated SNP boasts that it is performing well on council housing.

Earlier this year, the Scottish Government altered the way it measured its performance on construction, changing the gage from “starts” to “completions”, meaning it could mask how few new developments had begun.

Scottish Conservative housing spokesman Alex Johnstone MSP said:

“The SNP likes to talk of itself as the party which has led the way on building local authority houses.

“So why did it have to change the way it presented figures to disguise how few it had built?

“Thankfully the true picture will become clear in statistics released over future years.

“This inaction on building both council and housing association homes is resulting in the construction industry in Scotland continuing its progressive decline.”