Two attacks a week on our fire crews

21 Aug 2012

Two attacks on fire crews in Scotland are occurring every week, statistics released today have shown.

The 112 incidents is a drop from previous years, but the level of aggression shown towards fire fighters remains a cause for concern.

The Scottish Government publication also revealed the number of wholetime operational staff has dropped by around 200 since 2010.

Scottish Conservative justice spokesman David McLetchie MSP said:

“It is of course positive that the number of these incidents appears to be on the decline.

“But the fact remains twice a week in Scotland a fire crew attends a blaze in good faith with the intention of saving lives and property, only to come up against people with a warped sense of values.

“Our fire crews must be protected while going about their work, and those caught attacking them should be dealt with severely by the law.

“It is concerning that there has been a drop in frontline staff and I trust this will not set a trend following the introduction of a single, Scotland-wide fire service from next year.”