SNP accused of failing to provide hard facts on separation

11 Jun 2012

The Yes Scotland campaign is in further disarray after Scottish Green MSP Alison Johnstone accused the SNP of failing to provide hard facts on what a separate Scotland would look like.

Her comments in a radio interview come after it emerged that her party has decided to walk away from the group amid concerns it is nothing more than a vehicle for the SNP.

In a further blow, Independent MSP Margo MacDonald has confirmed she too would not be joining the organisation, voicing similar fears that the SNP had taken control of the campaign.

The developments make a mockery of claims from Alex Salmond that there is cross-party support for separation.

Scottish Conservative leaderĀ Ruth Davidson MSPĀ said:

“Alex Salmond’s separatist movement is unravelling by the day.

“First, we had the Greens expressing concerns that it has been hijacked by the SNP, now a Green MSP has warned of a lack of detail on what a separate Scotland would look like.

“Alex Salmond’s boast of having cross party support for separation has been exposed as a complete sham and is further evidence that he is more interested in glitzy launches and photo calls than actually giving people hard facts on what independence would mean for millions of Scots.

“People are being asked to make a huge choice about Scotland’s future which could affect the country for centuries to come.

“If the SNP truly want to rip Scotland out of the UK, they have to be prepared to answer legitimate questions on what that would mean post-independence.

“If we are to have a proper debate, people need that information.

“It is clear that Alex Salmond’s inflated ego is driving his obsession with independence and there is no place for anyone who disagrees with him.”