Campaign for separation an utter shambles

10 Jun 2012

The Yes Scotland campaign – the organisation for separation – is in disarray just two weeks after its launch.

It has been reported that the Scottish Green Party have walked away from thecampaign amid concerns it is nothing more than a vehicle for the SNP

The development makes a mockery of claims from Alex Salmond that there is cross-party support for separation.

Scottish Conservative leaderĀ Ruth Davidson MSPĀ said:

“Not even a fortnight in, and the Yes Scotland campaign is already falling apart.

“It isclear the cross party support Alex Salmond claimed for his separatist movement was nothing more than window dressing.

“Alex Salmond’s vast ego cannnot even accomodate fellow Nationalists who want to break Scotland away from the United Kingdom.

“Once again the SNP have been caught out trying to hoodwink voters into thinking there is broad support for separation.

“This campaignis an utter shambles.”


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