Unemployment rates extremely bad news for Scotland

14 Mar 2012

Gavin Brown MSP

Unemployment figures released today have revealed that Scotland’s unemployment rate has risen to 8.7%, meaning that Scotland’s rate is now 0.3 percentage points higher than the UK average.

This is now the fourth consecutive month that Scotland has had a higher rate than the UK.

Scottish Conservative Finance Spokesman, Gavin Brown MSP said:

“These are very disappointing statistics and it is extremely bad news that Scotland’s unemployment rate is still on the rise. We are experiencing a steeper rise in unemployment than the rest of the UK.

“It is clear that Plan MacB is not working and the Scottish Government now needs to do all they can to promote jobs and the economy. It was a mistake to slash the housing and college budget and the Scottish only retail tax will cost jobs and do further damage.

“The SNP now need to reverse these damaging policies, prioritise the economy, and work closely with the UK Government to ensure the best outcome for Scotland.”